How to configure Tally Developer Software ?

What is Tally Developer Software?

Tally Developer Software is a comprehensive development environment. It is designed to enable a TDL programmer to develop, build, and deploy solutions for Tally Software. Tally Developer Software has browsers for TDL definitions, Tally Data Base schema and the complete TDL source code of Tally Software for instant reference to the TDL programmer.

Tutorial for Configuring Tally Developer Software

After installing Tally Developer Software it is very important to configure it to make most out of it. We will be discussing most but important configurations.

Edit/Style Options

  1. Open your Tally Developer Software by double clicking on Tally Developer 9 Icon.
  2. Go to Tools -> Preferences
  3. On the Tab named Edit/Style Options you will find various options like
  4. If you want to change the font style you can select font here.
  5. You can change the number of space your cursor move after hitting tab button. You will also need to click on the check box convert TAB to SPACES to use this feature.
  6. Enable smart Indenting is by default enabled. This is for viewing purpose so that your code look in proper sequence and easy to read.
  7. To show line Number checks the Shown line number option. Using this you can easily count the number of lines of code you have written etc.

Explorer Options

Before we discuss about options in Explorer options first we need to know which area this options are going to effect. The options in Explorer Options will affect Explorer in Tally Developer Software.

Ideally there is no need to change anything in here because most of the options are pre-configured for us.Explorer

Compiler / Execution OptionsTally Developer Compiler

  1. Author Name: – Author name is your or your company’s name. This is displayed when you attach customization in Tally Software.
  2. ERP9 Exe Path:- In this path you define the tally.exe path so that you can easily execute Tally Software form within Tally Developer Software.
  3. Working Directory:- Working Directory is by default directory in which your Tally Software is installed.
  4. Command Line Parm:- This is the most important field using this field you can open you Tally Software in developer mode by type-in command /devmode in this field.
  5. Ignore TDLs from INI:- This check box is used for ignoring TDLs or not which are already attached in Tally Software so that it is used or does not conflict with your code.
  6. Ignore Companies from INI:- This check box is used to ignore companies which get load when you start Automatically when you start Tally Software

After doing all the above configurations now you are ready to start Coding.


Happy Coding!!

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