How to create company in Tally ERP9

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Company Creation

To start accounting with tally  the first and foremost thing you should know is , how to create company in Tally.ERP9 Software .  For users operating multiple business can create several companies in Tally.ERP9 Software at single cost. Tally.ERP9 Software has outgrown from the concept just an accounting software. It helps you for better statutory compliance by updating Tally.ERP9 Software from time to time which can be easily downloaded from Tally Solution Pvt Ltd website .You can operate Tally.ERP9 Software remotely using features, process payroll and many more features are updating regularly.

Quick Guide to create company

  • Open Tally.ERP9 Software by double clicking on the Tally.ERP9 icon.
  • If you are opening Tally.ERP9 ,First time after installation, you will be landed to a menu called company info menu. ( If you are in Gateway of Tally Press Alt+F3 to get that menu).Company Info
  • Select Create Company option in the menu and press enter key.
  • The screen displayed in-front of you is company creation screen.Company Creation
    In this company creation screen, you should enter all the details of the company. Let us explain each section separately.
    Directory:-  Directory means the data storage location , This is the place where tally store all data you entered in Tally.ERP9 Software. By default the data storage will be inside the installation folder.You can change it at your desired location by typing it manually. For example D:/Tally data
  • Name :- Name is the place were you give name to your data. It can be anything it is used only of database management purpose.
  • Mailing Name:- Mailing name is your actual company name. which will be used of each and every printout’s from this data.
  • Address:- This is the place were you enter the registered address of your company. If you have multiple address it can be create after creating the database.
  • Country:- Country is the place were your company is in. And whose taxes will be applicable in this data.
  • State:- State is the place were your company is in. And whose taxes will be applicable in this data.
  • Pin Code
  • Telephone
  • Mobile Number
  • Fax No
  • Email
  • Website

Book and financial Year Details.

Financial Year from:- Financial year from is the date on which your financial year being. eg. In India financial year starts from 1st April and UAE it starts from 1st Jan.

Book beginning from;- Book beginning from date is the date from which you are going to to start your accounting. This date will be your opening balance date for ledgers and stock items.

Security Control In Tally ERP9 at company creation screen.

Tally Vault Password:- This is for security purpose. By enabling this Tally.ERP9 software convert your data in encrypted format.  Encryption means convert of data from readable format to unrecognized format.

Example:- You have used company name as One Touch Solution after enabling this you company name will look like ******** and only Tally software will be able to read it that too after providing the password which you have used.

Personally we do not recommend to use this password as it cannot be recovered nor your data.

Use Security control :- If you want to use user name password enabling this will give you the option of the same. This will also enable the Security control feature of Tally.ERP.9 Software from were you can create more users give them various access to them and create security policies.

Note:- We personally recommend to use this feature to secure your data. We will not be discussing or recommending to change anything thing in base currency field as this setting cannot be changed once edited.

After all the above steps and depending if you have used password or not your data will get open. And you will be on main menu of your data which is “GATEWAY OF TALLY”.

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