How to Save or Print any Document to PDF?

Cute PDF

In this post you will learn how to Save or Print any Document to PDF file using a simple and free software know as Cute PDF.

Before we Start you are required to download this free software and a free converter software from

After downloading the software you should have 2 files with you normally known as CuteWriter.exe and converter.exe.

Some software detects CuteWtier.exe as virus but it is not. This is because the software contains link to adds from which maker make their money and provide free software to us.  So you might need to disable antivirus during installation.

Steps to Install Cute PDF.

  1. Double click on the CuteWriter.exe to start the installation.
  2. It will ask you to Accept License Agreement.Terms and Conditions
  3.  Accept the License Agreement and Click on next.Cute PDF
  4.   At this screen you are not required to do anything and as said earlier it is because of this Antivirus detects this file as Virus.
  5. Click on Next Installation and It will ask you for Install option. Click on it and software will get installed on your system.Screen_3
  6. After Installation Process is completed run the second file converter.exe it will run within fraction of second and get completed.

Now you system is ready to Print or Save any file to PDF format.

To Print  any Document to PDF Select Cute PDF instead of your Printer.

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