How to Start Tally.ERP9 Application/ Software in Developer Mode

Tally tool tips

How to Start Tally.ERP9 Application/ Software in Developer Mode?

In this Blog you will learn about how to start Tally.ERP9 Application / Software in Developer Mode.

So before this you should know the path of Tally.ERP9 application were it is installed.

In my case it is installed at D:\Tally.ERP9 folder.

If you don;t know were it is install just right click on the Tally.ERP9 icon on your desktop and select open file location option and it will open up the folder were the Tally.ERP9 software is install and you can copy the path of installation folder from the address bar.

So once you know the path just press windows key on your keyboard + R or open run from Start menu —> Accessories —> Run.

As soon as Run is started paste the complete path (in my case) D:\Tally.ERP9\tally.exe with space and word  /devmode so that it should look like below.

Run Tally devmode

Run Tally devmode

and then click on OK . And your Tally.ERP9 software should start but this time it will be in Developer mode. And will look like below.

Tally in Devmode

Tally in Devmode

So now you have you Tally.ERP9 Software running in Developer mode and you can now easily know the names used by Tally Solution Pvt Ltd  for Field using which we can easily navigate to the line in which it is and then the part and then the report.

lets take a example for ledger name on Sales Voucher Screen.

Step 1. Open your Tally in Developer mode using Above steps.

Step 2. Open you Data.

Step 3.  Go to Accounting Voucher – > Sales or Press F8

Step 4. Just take you mouse over the field of which you want to know the name. In our case ledger name on sales screen.

Step 5. It as soon as you take your mouse over the field it will show its real name used for development. like below.

Tally tool tips

Tally tool tips

In above example the real name of the field is EI Consignee which is used for developement purpose. In this way you can know real name of each and every field of Tally.ERP9 Software and use it in and for your development.

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